Personal Style Growth in 2022

You might be thinking ‘Is this just gonna be another piece where he shares photos of himself and talks about how his style has changed?’ Yes – kind of. I think it’s nice to reflect on such things, otherwise you can’t grow. I plan on doing this once a year now! I’m assuming here, butContinue reading “Personal Style Growth in 2022”

The USN Deck Shoe – A Blueprint and a Review

When you think of a deck shoe the first thing that comes to mind may be a canvas shoe with four eyelets like a Sperry ‘topsider’ or maybe even a classic Vans skate sneaker with the rubber soles. Well, as history goes, the Sperry sneakers are essentially the originals. Let’s dive into a quick historyContinue reading “The USN Deck Shoe – A Blueprint and a Review”

Sustainability in our Clothing: Denim & Boots

Mikko (@Migigp) “The best way to be sustainable is to look after and wear what you already have. When looking for new pieces – second-hand is the way to go! That’s been my strategy for as long as I can remember. When buying new, always consider who made it, what materials were used and doContinue reading “Sustainability in our Clothing: Denim & Boots”

What the hell is ‘Amekaji’?

アメカジ (Amekaji): A style that is heavily inspired by Americana; its name can be directly translated to American casual. It is usually a very bright, fun, flamboyant and generally multi-colored style. Inspired by fictionalized images of America the clothes are generally looser than most of the other styles. They usually have many layers that overlap each other. It mostlyContinue reading “What the hell is ‘Amekaji’?”

The Waist Overall and my Ooe Yofukuten Mechanic Overalls

The Waist Overall. Before your denim jeans were called ‘jeans’ and were the modern beautiful five-pocket masterpiece of ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken’ (first introduced in 1901) there were many prototypes that apparently needed some fixin’. Today we’ll be talking about the history of the waist overall and doing a deep dive intoContinue reading “The Waist Overall and my Ooe Yofukuten Mechanic Overalls”

The Fatigue Pants (OG 107) and OrSlow

Square pockets? Typically almost always green? A military garment turned punk, anti-war protester, skater, even Ivy? Yes ⁠— all of the above. Join me for a quick jump into the history of the fatigue pants, including my favorite pair. If you’re into heritage menswear at all, or if you’re a military repro nerd you probablyContinue reading “The Fatigue Pants (OG 107) and OrSlow”