The USN Deck Shoe – A Blueprint and a Review

When you think of a deck shoe the first thing that comes to mind may be a canvas shoe with four eyelets like a Sperry ‘topsider’ or maybe even a classic Vans skate sneaker with the rubber soles. Well, as history goes, the Sperry sneakers are essentially the originals. Let’s dive into a quick historyContinue reading “The USN Deck Shoe – A Blueprint and a Review”

What the hell is ‘Amekaji’?

アメカジ (Amekaji): A style that is heavily inspired by Americana; its name can be directly translated to American casual. It is usually a very bright, fun, flamboyant and generally multi-colored style. Inspired by fictionalized images of America the clothes are generally looser than most of the other styles. They usually have many layers that overlap each other. It mostlyContinue reading “What the hell is ‘Amekaji’?”